Emergency Travel Service
Our Mission
Emergency Travel Service is dedicated to providing a cost effective, high quality emergency travel service to corporate travelers 24/7. ETS agents are problem solvers. They have developed a unique “street-wise” sense about emergency corporate travel and are empowered to do “what it takes” to solve any problem encountered by the corporate traveler.
Make Emergency Travel Service an extension of your travel operation. We will adhere to your ideas, serve your corporate travelers well, and work hard to find the best solution for every travel need. That’s service, and that’s our first priority.

Service. Our last name. Our first priority.
We're your round-the-clock, round-the-world emergency travel experts.
Cancelled flights, stranded corporate travelers, and ‘drop everything’ plans. Travel emergencies like these are never something to look forward to, but when they happen after hours or on weekends, they take on a whole new meaning.

For these or any other travel emergencies, you need the right resource. You need Emergency Travel Service (ETS). We work exclusively with corporate travel departments, travel management companies, and travel agencies serving corporate clients.
To offer the right solution for each travel emergency, we bring know-how and technology together.

Each one of our emergency travel consultants has at least a decade of corporate and emergency travel experience. They are empowered with the latest in reservation and call routing technology and have the flexibility to ‘do what it takes’ to resolve any problem encountered by the corporate traveler.
Travelers have many things on their minds. Knowing how they are going to get to an important meeting shouldn't be one of them. With ETS, it's one less thing to worry about.
It's a travel emergency to you.
         It's business as usual to us.
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